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DBRankLocal is a unique local SEO solution created by Digital Broiler servicing the area. In Traditional SEO, you need to either build different websites, local SEO city landing pages, or different internal pages to target different locations for your business but with our unique St. Louis local SEO WordPress plugin “DBRankLocal” you can skyrocket your local SEO much quicker.


With our St. Louis local SEO WordPress plugin, you don’t need to build different websites, landing pages or internal pages for different cities, just install the plugin, define cities and a specific tag in content and BOOM, you will get a website in just minutes targeting your desired city.


There is a feature in WordPress about multisite but that will take a lot of effort to build a group of websites for each city but with DBRankLocal, you can simply set up one website and can generate unlimited versions of your website for different cities.


It is as easy as you enter your subdomain name, (city, zip code, or neighborhood), and state and click add. It will create a subdomain for each one you add. You can use the special tag in your content to add city name in the content which will be dynamically changing city name according to your subdomain.


DBRankLocal is 100% white hat SEO compliant developed by our team in St. Louis, and our local SEO WordPress plugin has proven to help achieve those 1st page results you are looking for. This will significantly reduce your off-page SEO tasks and costs due to our strong on-page SEO structure.

Benefits of DBRankLocal

  • Will help your website rank for your core business keywords in your local cities
  • Rank multiple keywords for multiple locations (cities)
  • Dynamically change locations in content
  • Dynamically change URL, Meta Title & Meta Description
  • Provides opportunities to target multiple keywords & locations which can significantly reduce off page SEO effort.
  • Can rank low, medium difficulty keywords with just proper on page SEO
  • If you have multiple GMB locations, this St. Louis local SEO WordPress plugin will boost your website ranking way quickly in your local search. you just need to add your city URL in GMB info.
  • This also helps take up more real estate on the web providing exponentially more pages that can rank.

DBRankLocal Example


Here is an example site working through DBRankLocal.

It’s a Landscape website and providing landscaping, bobcat grading, paver patio, retaining walls, leaf removal and other services like this. Root domain, which https://dashmaids.com/services is targeting St. Louis, MO area. Here is a screen shot of main service page

Now check the Google’s SERP for “Airbnb Cleaning Service Soulard”

Looks like we are on #2 organic. You can do a live search and verify. For root domain, you need to follow basic SEO rule and need to setup a quality website with owned images and quality unique content.

Now let’s see another city they are targeting is Warson Woods, MO. Now the URL of website changed to Warson Woods and in content you can see city changed to Warson Woods, MO.

Google “House Cleaning Service Warson Woods”

Now let’s see it in Google’s SERP



Yes it’s on page #1 spots #4 and #5. You can verify. This is the magic done by DBRankLocal.  When you click top link you will see this page come up and city changes to Search Value “Warson Woods”

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Apartment Cleaning Service Soulard

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